Saturday, December 3, 2011

Web pages not loading

Q: I moved my computer from the floor to an elevated position on the desk. The move necessitated removing and reinstalling all of the connections. When I next attempted to go online, I could not load any pages. I am hooked up through a Linksys router and I am showing an excellent connection.
My Avast virus detection system updates automatically and I can send and receive mail through Outlook Express/ I have run a full virus detection scan on the computer with no viruses shown. I tried shutting down Zone Alarm and Avast but I had the same results. No page loading, just an error message saying Problem Loading Page. I have tried resetting the router by using a paper clip in the hole at the rear and holding it depressed for 30 seconds.
A: If your email is working OK and you can update your antivirus program then it suggests that there’s a problem with your browser settings. First of all try running a Winsock repair tool such as WinSock XP Fix. You could also try clearing the DNS cache to make sure that the computer is selecting the server correctly. Go to Start/ Run, type in cmd then in the command window type ipconfig/ flushdns and press Enter.
If the above doesn’t work make sure that your DNS settings are correct. Open Control Panel and choose Network and Internet Connections/ Network Connections, right-click your network connection and select Properties. Click on Internet Protocol and click Properties, verify that Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically is checked. This ensures your PC gets the address from the router.
Since you’ve reset the router back to its factory settings, if it’s a router/modem you also need to check that all of your ISP connection information has been re-entered correctly. The addresses of your ISP’s DNS servers often need to be entered on the router itself. Linksys routers come with a setup wizard on CD which will walk you through the process of doing this.
If connected by a router Windows should be set to obtain DNS addresses automatically
If connected via a router Windows should be set to obtain DNS addresses automatically
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