Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Virus Protection For Your Computer In Simple English

Computers can catch virus, just like we do. When the computer gets sick, it needs anti virus software as a medicine. When it is strong and fit, it needs antivirus software as an added defense against any virus attack.

Computer virus can spread around just like human virus. It spreads around through email to your friend with virus infected files, or copy to your friends in a virus infected file.

When the computer catches a virus, it can have one or more of the following syndromes.

- Computer does not start properly. Error massages came out during startup.

- Application does not work properly.

- Disk or USB drives cannot be read.

- Printer does not print.

- Pulldown menus are not the same as before.

- Disk drive runs suddenly for no reason.

- Unusual error messages appears.

- Computer slows down or freezes.

- Computer crashes.

- Files LOST !

- Files CORRUPTED and cannot be read.

In the your computer files, you observed :

- File size changes for no reason.

- Date Modified does not match with date of last use.

- An increase in number of files when nothing has been added.

To prevent any of these catastrophic events happen to your computer. It is absolutely necessary to protect your computer.

An anti virus software maybe your answer to most of these problems.

Why do I say anti virus software maybe the answer to most of these questions?

Because, some of the problems listed above may not be the cause of a virus.

Some of it may be caused by :

- Software loaded into your computer without your knowledge. The purpose of these software is to monitor your computer activities or even to get some information from your computer without you knowing it! These kind of software are commonly known as spyware. (You can get anti spyware software from here.)

- Computer hard disk is running out of space. This will cause the computer to slow down.

- Too many programs are running in the computer. Background programs that loads to your computer every time you starts your computer. If the computer do not have enough memory to process all these programs, it will cause the computer to slow down.

- The computer may be running a schedule program that you may not have notice. Some time such programs are loaded to the computer when it is installed. The manufacturer thinks that it is absolutely necessary that the computer runs the program periodically. Example of these software are: Windows Updater, Anti Virus software (It is important to keep you anti virus software up-to-date.), Backup program etc.

- Too many programs are running in the computer at the same time.

Nevertheless, it is still very important to have an anti virus software loaded, updated and running in your computer.

However, no antivirus software can help you to remove or clean up all viruses completely. Therefore, it is important to prevent virus from attacking your computer. So an anti virus software should be the first software program to be loaded and running in your computer. You have to update the anti virus software right after you have successfully loaded into your computer.

It is very very important to update your anti virus software regularly. New viruses are discovered frequently, not updating your anti virus software will make these new virus to attack your computer easily.

What if you are already using your computer with all your important information loaded and you have no anti virus software in your computer?

Then, you cannot delay and must get an antivirus software loaded, updated and scanned immediately.

After the anti virus software is updated, restart your computer. Start scanning your computer before you run any program. If there are no virus detected, you are a lucky one. If there are, choose a solution that the anti virus software recommend.

What if, after your computer is scanned and virus is found. And you have chosen the solution that the anti virus software recommend but the software says that it cannot be cleaned. You can either delete or quarantine. Then, you may have a problem. If you are absolutely sure that you and the computer does not need the file, than delete it or quarantine it. If the file is critical to your computer, then you have to find a same file that is not virus infected to replace the infected file, if you can find. If it is your file, you might have to do the same.

You also need to restart the computer and runs the anti virus software again to confirm that the computer is free from virus. If it is infected with too many viruses or too many viruses cannot be cleaned, a total software rebuild of your computer is needed. If you have backup your computer periodically, then you can restore your last backup. Provided the last backup is virus free. That means you have to do anti virus scan for your computer again after you have restore your computer from the backup files.

You do not need to have two antivirus software. However, it is good to keep at least two antivirus software in your computer. One will constantly monitor your computer for virus activities and the other will scan your computer for virus only when you want to.

However, you should have at least one anti virus software installed if your computer slows down significantly after two anti virus software are installed.

It is most important.

You must update your antivirus software regularly and scans it regularly. It is good to follow the antivirus software company recommendation.

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