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Short-term Outlook

AppId is over the quota AppId is over the quota

Q: I’m using Outlook for my emails and everything has been plain sailing, but just recently while reading a lengthy email Outlook disappeared and I was left looking at my desktop. I opened Outlook again and all was OK. Now it seems as if I have a time limit, go over it and Outlook closes down.

A: This isn’t something we’ve encountered before and it doesn’t appear to be a common problem. Most issues with Outlook closing unexpectedly are down to faulty add-ins. If you have any additional toolbars installed, such as an anti-spam program or a PDF creator, one of them may be causing the problem. Go to the Tools menu, click Options, select the Other tab and click the Advanced Options button. Click COM Add-ins and clear the tick boxes next to any that show up in order to disable them. Click OK to close the dialog then close and reopen Outlook. If the problem has gone away you can try re-enabling add-ins one-by-one until you find the cause of the fault.

If this doesn’t work, or if no add-ins are active, make sure you have the latest service pack (SP3) for Office 2003 . You can check if SP3 is installed from within Outlook by clicking Help and selecting About Microsoft Office Outlook.

You can tell which Office service pack is installed from the About menu

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