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Secure Yourself In The Growing Career Of Computer Network Security

We have all heard stories on the news about email viruses wreaking havoc on computer systems. To keep computer systems in top performance you will need to know the risks, and what you can do to protect yourself from viruses and computer hackers.

Our world today practically relies on the computers and the Internet. A massive attack on of a computer virus could wipe out communications, air traffic control, hospitals and credit cards. Specialists with training in computer and network security are needed to help us protect this information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks.

As Security risks are becoming greater, qualified people are needed to keep computer networks secure. You can learn to defend computer networks against scams, fraud, espionage and more when you earn a degree in computer network security.

This course of study will teach students how to install, maintain, and monitor existing security software for both the private and public sectors. Students will be able to build computer security programs, fix existing programs, install security software, and be able to recognize when an intruder is attempting to hack into a computer network.

Jobs in network security cover many different areas. Here are some jobs in Computer Network Security:

· Database administrators work with database management systems software and determine ways to organize and store data. They identify user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate modifications to the computer database systems. They basically manage and protect a company's data.

· Computer Systems Analysts solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the individual needs of an organization. Systems analysts may plan and develop new computer systems or devise ways to apply existing systems' resources to additional operations. Computer systems analysts use the computer's technical abilities to meet the needs of a particular type of industry or company.

· Network Administrators and Computer System Administrators oversee network security as part of their jobs. They also design, install, and support an organization's local-area network (LAN), wide-area network (WAN), network segment, Internet, or intranet system. They also provide day-to-day onsite administrative support for software users in a variety of work environments.

· Computer Security Specialists are employed for the sole purpose of working on computer security for a company. These specialists plan and implement computer security for an organization. They may also train others in computer security, install computer security systems, and monitor networks for breaches in security. They may even be called upon to respond to cyber attacks, and even collect data and evidence to be used in prosecuting perpetrators.

These careers are expected to continue to grow according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Salaries in this industry range from $58,190 to $66,460.

Mary Hart in an in-house writer for and has been writing about Computer Science degrees since 2004. To learn more about how to earn your Degree in Network Security, click here.

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Computer Software

Computer PC software is so called in contrast to computer hardware, which encompasses the physical interconnections and devices required to store and execute (or run) the software. Computer software is held in the storage of computers for a very specific purpose and performs the function of the program it implements, either by directly providing instructions to the computer hardware or by serving as an input to another piece of software. PC software is described as the information processed by the systems. Computer PC software is a major form of intellectual property, both from the standpoint of the intellectual creativity required to produce it and the practical and commercial value of good products.

Software is an ordered sequence of instructions for changing the state of the computer hardware in a particular sequence. Software may also be written in an assembly language, essentially, a mnemonic representation of a machine language using a natural language alphabet. Software license gives the user the right to use the software in the licensed environment, some software comes with the license when purchased off the shelf, or OEM license when bundled with hardware. Software may also databases, and computer games. Software can help a small business correspond with its customers, keep track of inventory and even answer the phone and process orders.

Computer software, consisting of programs, enables a computer to perform specific tasks, as opposed to its physical components (hardware) which can only do the tasks they are mechanically designed for. Computer software has to be "loaded" into the computer's storage (such as a hard drive, memory, or RAM). Computers operate by executing the computer program. Computer software, a general term used for computer programs and data. Computer PC software can be classified into two types:Systems software includes basic input-output systems, device drivers etc. Computer users can also create their own computer software, including spreadsheet templates, word processor macros etc.

Copyright in software may be assigned or licensed to others. Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect software created, posted and traded on the Internet. Copyright protection can be claimed without registration or the deposit of copies with the Copyright Office. Copyright law does not protect the ideas and functional elements of software, as does patent law.

System software helps run the computer hardware and computer system. System software enables the users to run computer hardware and computer system including operating system, device drivers, diagnostic tools, servers, windowing systems and some more. Computer software is protected as intellectual property under the US copyright system. "Bundled" software is canned software that is sold with hardware and does not have a separately stated price, and can include operating systems such as DOS, UNIX, OS-2, or System 6. Because embedded software is part of the computer system, machinery, or other equipment, it has no separate acquisition cost and shall not be separately valued apart from the computer system, machinery, or other equipment in which it is housed.

Programming software usually provides tools to assist a programmer in writing computer programs and software using different programming languages in a more convenient way. Programs may be called by one to many other programs; programs may call zero to many other programs. Program and library The term "software" was first used in A program may not be sufficiently this sense by John W. Programs may be software, programming software and called by one to many other programs; application software, although the programs may call zero to many other distinction is arbitrary, and often programs. Programming software provides some useful tools like text editor, compiler, interpreter, linker and debugger etc.

Computer software is big business with millions of research dollars at stake. Computer software is a set of directions or instructions that exist in the form of machine-readable or human-readable code, is recorded on physical or electronic medium and directs the operation of a computer system or other machinery and/or equipment. Computer software is covered by copyright and cannot be used unless it has been legally obtained. Computer software is protected under the federal copyright law which states that, "Users may not make a copy of a piece of software for any other reason than as an archival back-up without permission of the copyright holder.

If you really want to take the work out of looking for that right Spyware Protection from a Spybot go to the Internet and get a Free Spybot Download or a Spybot Search and Destroy Download to prevent your vital information from being ripped from your computer.

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The Top 5 Most Common Computer Problems

If you have a PC, then you have most likely suffered from computer problems. Most people have accepted that there PC will eventually crash due to a virus or some massive error. However this is a myth. Your PC is built to last more than a decade. However you must keep well tuned for it to make its third birthday. Nevertheless, most people would rather buy a shiny new PC rather than spend an hour trying to fix computer problems on there 2 year lap top or desktop. After another two year after their purchase lack of maintenance will cause their new PC to lose its performance speed. Whats next you guess, $3000 Windows Vista Ready PC. This is known as the consumer vicious cycle.

Why have does your computer have problems?

Well, the biggest problem that your computer has is its owner. More than 80% of computer problems stem from neglecting to perform simple maintenance task such as cleaning your registry, emptying your cache files and updating software regularly. If these task a perform diligently. You would be reading this article from a five year old machine running on Windows 98 operating system. So, lets take a look at the top five computer problems and how to avoid them.

1. Computer has performance has slowed.

This is the number one complaint from most users. There are several reason why this has occurred. However, most can attributed to lack of maintenance. Fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware, and load of unnecessary programs and services running can all eat away at your PC speed and performance. Manage your programs and cleaning your registry would easily award you a 30% gain in performance speed. Check out The 4 ways to speed up my computer

2. Lockup, freezes, and blue screens of death.

This is a another common computer problem. However, this particular issue is a bit more serious; therefore, it needs a few diagnostic steps. In most cases this problems are caused by spyware. To avoid this problem update your anti-spyware program daily. Having the most up to date signatures will help you avoid having a serious spyware problem. However, if you have concluded that your PC is spyware free. You should update your hardware drivers. The computer cannot communicate with various hardware components without an up to date driver. When it cannot find a driver, the CPU locks up. Also, increasing your virtual memory can also help to avoid freezes. Virtual Memory will allow to you get more use out your computer's RAM. Check the resource box for more info on the subject.

3. The computer spontaneously reboots or turn itself off.

This computer problem can be usually attributed to a hardware issue. Usually its the power supply is dying or in most cases a dirty or defective cooling fan. The computer trying to cool itself by automatically switching off. So, if you feel a bit of extra heat coming out the computer. Clean the fan and make sure it running properly. If your fan is functional, check your power supply. Also, you will be surprised how many people fail to make sure the cables are attached tightly. This be the cause of this particular computer problem.

4. Strange noises and vibrations.

This is almost totally a hardware issue. You computer is made up of thousands of parts. Its not unheard of that one of them can become unhinged. Overheating can cause expansion of wires and melt some sensitive. High pitch noises such as squealing or whining sounds can be cause electronic components. Whatever the reason, you conduct a small investigation. Remove the case and run the computer to discover the origin of the computer problem. If its not a simple matter such as a loose wire or fan issue, it may be time to call a computer tech.

5. Your home page, default search engine, or web browser has changed itself.

This is also known as "high-jacking". Spyware has been installed on your computer via social networking or from email link. This action has allowed spyware to install a java script into your web browser. The spyware then sends a message to your browser to change your user settings. For example change your home page to another web page.

As you have discovered from reading the article, the most common computer problems can be handle quite easily by simple maintenance of your PC. Net time you are suffering from computer problems. Take a few minutes to run some diagnostic test before rushing out to computer technical center claiming your PC is broken. When all you need to do was just make sure it was plugged in.

For more answers to computer problems:

For tips and tweaks to increase PC speed"

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Home Computer Repair - The Do Nots

Hello, and welcome to Computer Repair at Home!

If you think home computer repair is hard or next to impossible then please read this article.

Ok, so you are almost certainly here reading this because you have, or believe you have a computer predicament, or maybe your home computer is just not performing normal. DO NOT do the flying experiment! Your computer cannot fly, and will by no means be able to fly, so do not test this theory out of your second story window! Simple home computer repair techniques I will explain to you will help; all while your bank account stays untouched(credit cards too)

So concerning this blog... I am going to be schooling you (not selling you) how to go from identifying that you have a home computer repair problem, all the way to fixing that same problem. The principle is to get your home computer functioning the way you want it to.

Along the journey you will learn I do own and control a home computer repair and services company, BUT in no way am I at this juncture to solicit their services. We only service a very little area in southeast Michigan. Be taught what you can here for free, so that you will not require any home computer repair gurus for help.

What not to do. Do not shell out for such programs like Norton Anti Virus, Mcafee Anti Virus, or any other over priced program. These programs expend more on advertising than on the quality of their product, and most will not assist you in your mission to get your home computer repaired. Also there are programs obtainable only by way of the internet which will not resolve any of your home computer repair problems and only make your bank account decrease.

Some programs are, Registry Repair, Registry Cleaner, Reg Mechanic, and Reg Cure. These programs will cause you a lot greater harm than benefit, and there are not a lot of ways to get help in the occasion you do not recognize how it works.

I have experimented with most of the programs in one way or more on my home computer. You can discover a lot of them when you do a very easy Google query for "home computer repair". I have thus far not found one program that works effectively for a broad variety of computer repair problems. There are a number of programs that function well for very precise list of home computer repair jobs, the problem then is in recognizing your individual issue, and can it be fixed without spending money; often the answer is yes!

In the occasion I do ever find a program that can resolve a lot of the normal home computer repair issues, I won't delay in endorsing the program and I will profit monetarily. You have been warned. I am human and this is what I love to do, if I can get paid for it, while staying honest, I will. Until then, on with the free home computer repair counsel and instruction...

Home Computer Repair - how did I learn?

How do I identify how to repair home computer repair problems? I have learned a lot, diverse things from different programs that I had to buy. I educated myself that these programs were not doing anything really complicated, everything I knew I could do myself .

I have decided not to tell you the exact learning process with my experience with various programs, and online tutorials about home computer repair. That will just end up boring you a lot, and you'll leave and end up paying for some program that will cause you more harm than good. Not to mention cause your bank account $ amount to decrease! Instead I will explain to you in very simple terms how to do your very own home computer repair.

I've gained the knowledge, so I am passing it off to you, in the hopes you can benefit, or your computer can benefit, without spending loads of cash on programs that will not work and just confuse you.

Most programs that claim to fix your computer, do not, and are a big waste of $$$. I know, as I have tried a lot of them when first getting into home computer repair. I learned a lot from them, in how they worked, but my bank account took a hit for this.

I learned that these programs were not doing anything special, and I eventually taught myself the gist what each program did. Now I am able to fix almost any home computer repair problem. You will have the ability to do the same, but you will not have to learn from an over priced program you have to purchase and spend hours interpreting.

You could now do one of two things: use a professional company to do your home computer repairs or you can comprehend that almost all problems are very simple to fix, and you are able to do it, with a little help from me, in no time flat.

So don't become stressed out while reading my blogs, ingest my lessons one step at a time. I wish I could emphasize this more, you must take this slowly and stop when you don't understand something before moving on. In very little time you will have the skills to identify and resolve most of your own home computer repair issues.

I'm a regular guy who has recently taken interest in the home computer repair field, and learned some things that can help others with their everyday interaction with computers. I remember about two years ago I knew nothing about computers, that gives me the mind set to explain in laymans terms how to help the masses who think they don't know enough to fix their home computer issues.

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How to Choose a Computer Power Supply

Choosing a computer power supply is easy, provided that you are not making the mistakes that other people are making. One of the most common mistakes people made when building their own computer is to neglect the importance of computer power supply. They tend to cut down their budget on computer power supply and get the cheapest one around. If you really care about your computer system, you have to put in some serious effort to choose the best power supply.

The computer power supply is the energy source for the whole computer system. Imagine that you are not eating well for every meal, do you think you can still function well for all your daily tasks?

Power Rating

While people are discussing about the gigabytes of storage, 64 bit processing capabilities and the heavy-duty 3D graphics card, the only thing that required the most attention, but is discussed least is the computer power supply. What they have not realized is that the more powerful a computer become, the more power it needs. If you are building a high-end gaming computer, chances are you may need a 600 - 650W power supply.

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

This refers to the lifespan of the power supply. It represents the average hours the power supply can perform before it fails. Most power supplies will have MTBF ratings of 100,000 hours or more.

Short Circuit Protection

When choosing a computer power supply, make sure that it is equipped with a short circuit protection feature. This is to prevent the computer parts from drawing excessive currents which might cause its internal chips to be burned.

Low Noise

The main reason for a power supply to be noisy is because of its inability to dissipate heat fast. The fan has to work extra hard to maintain the required temperature. When choosing a computer power supply, make sure that it comes with a big powerful 140mm fan or two 80mm fans to effectively dissipate the heat away.

Load Current (Maximum and Minimum values)

Each computer part requires different voltage and current to function. It is important that the power supply can support the various voltage levels and the current supplied.

Maximum load current - The maximum current that the computer part can accept for a particular voltage level

Minimum load current - The minimum current the computer part needs to be functional.

If the part is not getting the minimum load current from the power supply, chances are the power supply is spoiled.

Form Factor

Most of the power supplies in the market are of the ATX form factor. However if you are using a micro ATX computer case, you have to get a micro ATX power supply, else it won't be able to fit inside the case.


Power supply is definitely a computer part that you must pay attention to. When choosing a computer power supply, always get a power supply that has a higher power rating than what your system needs. In addition, unless you are willing to risk your computer to system jeopardizing power spikes and surges, do not ever scrimp on the power supply.

Damien Oh is an expert in building computer. His website contains a lot of useful information and resources on building gaming computer, cheap computer, getting refurbished computer, building game server and many more. This article can also be found in

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How To Maintain Your Computer

Being a computer technician pays

nice money and has for a very long time. Why?well,mainly

becuase alot of new computer owners fail to learn how to use

and maintain there new computer.

Before purchasing my first computer back in 1998,I took an 8 hour

class on the basics of operating a windows 95 system based

computer..Even with the class,within the first few months,I

had crashed the computer 3 times. This gives you

somewhat of an idea about what we have here today..Alot of

people now are getting computers becuase there friends have

one,or to just get into the chat rooms,or the adult

sites..point being..they dont know how to use a

computer,much less maintain one.

To save yourself

allot of money and needless trips to the computer shop for

repairs,there are a series of very simple steps you can take

to keep your new computer running fast and

efficient. Myself,I have windows xp home edition

running on my computer. I find it to be the best system out

there at the moment.The choice is of course yours as to what

operating system you install on your machine.

When you get your new computer home and you configure an internet

connection,the first thing I recommend that you do is to get

to the windows update site. The site will automatically

update your new operating system with files to prevent

people on other computers from accessing your data.

Next step is to install an anti-virus and spyware program on

your computer.

If your buying a new computer from a big

outlet,this is usually included with your purchase but not

always.Make sure to inquire about this when purchasing your

computer. Both these programs,the anti-virus and the

anti-spyware are a must have in todays computer age..You can

get good information from google (

Just type in anti-virus in the search will get

choices for alot of programs..same for the


Over time,you will visit alot of

websites..Most of these sites has what are called

"cookies".These are little embedded packages of

data(files),that the sites you have visited leave on your

computer to track your browsing habits. After awhile,these

files need to be purged,deleted from your


Other files that need to be purged at

least once a week,are your temporary internet files and your

history files. Failing to do this will really slow down

your computer to a crawl and possibly cause a system

crash,meaning you will have to re-install your operating


When you open up internet explorer,at the

top left of the page,you will see options..Look for the

Tools option.Left click "Tools",then left click "Internet

Options".From there it should be straight foward for

you.After you have deleted your temporary internet files and

history files,click "OK" I do this at least once a

day,really keeps my computer running fast.

You will need to defragment your files on your hard drive at least once a month.

Over time,if this is left undone,your programs will run slower,your computer will not be running at maximum efficiency. To do this,left click the start button,look for accessories,look for disk defragmentor.Run the program. You will find that if you have not done this for a long time,it will make a big difference in the overall performance of your computer.

For computer users with a DSL or Cable modem:

Sometimes you will notice that your browsing speeds are slower,the websites that your visiting are taking a long time to load.A remedy to this is shutting the computer off,disconnect your modem from the modem box for a few minutes..reconnect the modem and turn your computer back on. This is called renewing the modem. I do this a few times a week and my speeds are always fast.

Now im going to share with you,some things you can do about whats

inside of your computer "the case"or your computers

"hardware". No matter how clean the surroundings

where you have your computer placed,over time,alot of dust

and particles gather on the inside..your motherboard,inside

the power supply,on your cpu,all your

cards"video,sound,ect." I clean the inside of my computer

every 3 months and I recommend all new users do it also.

Here is how to do it: First,before you do anything,make sure

the computer is unplugged from the outlet and is completely

turned off! Next is to get a screwdriver for those little

round screws you will need to undo to get inside your

case. When both sides of the case are removed,you will

need a can of compressed can buy this from any

computer store for under 5 dollars. You then spray all

the areas inside the will see the dust and dirt

flyng off from the places you sprayed. Doing this 4

times a year(every 3 months)Is a great way to save alot of

money and keep your computer running like its brand


I hope you all have enjoyed my

computer tips.



copyright - 2007

William Robinson is an accomplished ebay seller,website designer and unlicensed computer technician.



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Computer Repair Basics for Beginners

Is it possible for regular Joe's to fix their own computer without needing to call a specialist in to do the computer repair? Yes! You can do it easy, and you can learn these computer repair techniques easy in the article I have written. You will be told exactly what you need to do and know, in order to get your computer repaired and working how you want it!

There is always the option of calling upon a company like Geek Squad, from Best Buy, if you have the extra $350 to repair your computer. Let's also state here their idea of computer repair is not what you need at all, unless you are looking for someone to come to your home with the intention of selling you software you don't need, instead of repairing your computer. Later I will indulge all of you reading, my experience with this company, and how it brought amusement into my world

Going through only the computer repairing techniques we need to know, I will not waste your time with confusing nonsense about how a computer works, or how did the computer get broken in the first place where it is in need of computer repair? Who cares right? What's done is done, lets just fix the darn thing.

I will show you how to do computer repair the easiest, most simplest way possible. We care about making our current computer situation better as it exists at this exact moment, ridding it of needing computer repair.

The computer repair basics presented here and the articles that follow will be more than enough to eradicate 90% of your home computer repair problems, completely resolving them all so you don't have to search the internet anymore for "computer repair" and how to fix your computer problems.

You could be thinking, as I at one time did when I knew very little about computers or repairing them, that it will be near impossible to understand these square mysterious beeping towers or how they work none the less. It is a lot easier then you might think! You just need to know the what information is important about computer repair, discarding all the unnecessary stuff that most computer repair companies say in order to confuse you so you hire them. We do not need them! We have ourselves and by gosh darn it, we have this helpful article to guide you thought basic computer repair.

Computer repair steps are all the same.

Let's repeat, computer repairing steps are all the same, no matter if it is you doing it or a computer engineer doing it. The computer engineer goes though the basic steps while repairing a computer system, the same steps we are going to go over in this article. He might know what to do in that chance of 10% when a computer is more damaged then normal, but we are not going to worry ourselves with that odd chance.

There are not hundreds of computer gurus that develop new and innovative ways to repair computers. Computer repair techniques have already been mapped out for us, and proven, so lets just utilize other peoples work and findings about computer repair, after all its free and legal!. Think of the same situation where you look up a recipe online to cook a fancy meal, it is the same idea!

Now, I have been prepping you for too long telling you why I think you can do it. You know you can do it, you just need to believe in yourself and take computer repair one step at a time. I cannot stress that enough. Computer repair has to be done in steps...1) before 2). Yes it sounds obvious but be strict on yourself about his, especially while learning how to do computer repair, you will make it easy on yourself.

Usually when we fix something in life we have identify the problem.. blah blah. Skip identifying the problem! (not how you learned it in school huh?) Lets not even try to pinpoint a problem that needs repairing with our computer yet!

We are going to first do a few very easy computer repair basics that will solve almost all computer issues (shhh overpriced Geek Squad doesn't want you or anyone to know this).

First Guide in Computer Repair

1) Click the Start Menu, a button that is visible while hovering over the start menu is the "run" button. Click the run button and a small window in the bottom left of your screen comes up.

2) Type "msconfig" (with no quotation marks) in the box that is within the window.

3) Another window comes up, now go to the tab to the right called "start up"

4) Near the bottom of the window is a button called "disable all" click that button

5) Then click the "apply" button just below the "disable all" button.

6) X out of the window (close the window) and another window pops up. Click the "restart now" option.

And there you have it! You just taught yourself how to do a very easy computer repair technique which will solve alot of your computer repair issues.

I'm a regular guy who has recently taken interest in the computer repair field, and learned some things that can help others with their everyday interaction with computers. I remember about two years ago I knew nothing about computers, that gives me the mind set to explain in layman's terms how to help the masses who think they don't know enough to fix their home computer issues.

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Program Your Future at Computer Programming Schools

While some head off to college to pursue liberal arts, others will go the tech route into computer programming schools. A career in computer programming can mean many things. From the financial advantages of a lucrative career, a computer programming degree provides professionals with plenty of other opportunities. Some say with a computer programming degree, you'll never have to worry about your job outlook because computer programming professionals are always in demand. Find out what it takes to get there.

The Hardware of a Career

A career in computer programming can entail various things. While most computer programming degree holders get jobs doing just that, there's so much more to the career. For starters, a computer programmer is in charge of imputing sequenced instructions in order to direct a computer to do an assigned task or action. In order to achieve this, computer programmers must write, test, and maintain programs that computers must follow in order to perform specific functions. A knowledge of computer networking is important as many programmers will work for companies that have multiple workstations and systems in place. Problem solving is also a key ingredient for someone with a career in computer programming. A computer programmer must develop system solutions using appropriate methodologies and techniques. Those with a computer programming degree with knowledge in computer hardware and computer networking should have a firm grasp of this upon graduation.

The Ins and Outs of a Computer Programming Degree

So what will you learn as a computer programming student? Since computer programmers have to review, analyze, and modify programming systems, he or she must learn the tricks of encoding, testing, debugging, and documenting programs. Although this might sound complicated, a seasoned computer programmer -- one with a computer programming degree and experience -- has this down to a science. Until then an associate's computer programming degree in a related area or higher, combined with up to three years of experience in the field will get you there.

A career in computer programming takes more than just the technical mumbo-jumbo. Common concepts, practices, and procedures within a specific field is also beneficial to a computer programmer. Once you're ready and able (and can land a job), you can expect to earn around $50,979. That's the median expected salary for an entry level computer programmer in the United States according to the Basic Salary Report, an estimate based on broad national data reported by human resource departments of tens of thousands of employers.

Now that you know what it takes and what you can earn, you can take the first step to computer programming success. Begin by going for an associate or bachelor's computer programming degree. A degree in computer science is generally what's required for employment at more prestigious technology companies. Keep in mind science, mathematics, and engineering also provide the kind of base knowledge employers look for (beyond computer programming courses). And don't forget about specific programming language -- employers typically want computer programming professionals to be certified and/or familiar with those they use.

To find college and career schools near you, surf

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Internet Computer Addiction Among Teens

A growing trend is internet computer addiction among teens. It is not a positive trend, unfortunately, but negative. This kind of addiction among teens is very often destructive and one that could have a major impact on not only the computer addict, but on his or her family and friends also.

Teenagers of today find that the internet and computers are a necessity if they are going through high school. They need the internet and computers to do research for their assignments. If you don't have a computer you will get left behind in this information age. Internet addiction among teens is not specifically targetted towards the teens themselves, even children in lower grades will require a computer to research their assignments, but it all leads to one thing - computer dependency.

If a parent needs to combat internet computer addiction among teems, how are are they going to do it without confiscating the computer and depriving their children of it? It is not going to be possible to stop their teens from going anywhere near a computer. Computers are at schools, internet cafes and with friends. These are just some of the challenges faced by the parents of teens who are suffering from computer and internet addiction.

So, what sort of signs do parents of teens addicted to the computer have to look out for? Internet computer addiction among teens ranges from being addicted to games to spending hours and hours in chat rooms. Either way, the teenager is living out a fantasy life. The internet and computer is often an escape from reality for teenagers who feel they do not fit in with the real world. Either in chat rooms or with games, the teenager can be whomever they choose to be. All it takes is a click of the mouse and they are in their fantasy world living out their dream life, either in the form of a hero in a game to being somebody they are not in a chat room.

It is unfortunate that for a minority of teenagers, role playing of this kind turns into a full-on addiction. Internet computer addiction among teens is very often the cause of family arguments because the teen will forgo social and family events preferring to use their computer instead. Very often an internet addict will stay up all night playing games or using a chat room. In the worst cases, teens will quit school or college favoring their computer and internet addiction.

Internet computer addiction among teens is very similar to other teenage addictions, such as alcohol or tobacco. Symptoms can include mood changes, they can become withdrawn, bursts of anger and a huge impact on their social relationships.

To prevent, and end, internet computer addiction among teens is somewhat a challenge. A parent of a teenager suffering from internet and computer addiction should act upon it as soon as they see the symptoms by trying to limit the amount of hours the teenager spends on the computer. Encouraging the child to take up other pastimes or hobbies can in most cases turn their attention away from the computer.

An organization specifically set up to combat internet computer addiction among teens, and has helped many thousands of teens and indeed, people of all ages, with their computer and internet addiction. The organization is called The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery and can be found online at provides information on everything related to Computer Addiction. If you stop by our site you will get some education in different forms of computer addiction. Be sure to check out our page on internet computer addiction among teens.

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E-Commerce Supporting Technologies - Computer, Computer Networking, Internet, Internet Connectivity

E-Commerce as the word suggests means doing business on the internet or on-line. The scope of business may involve:

o selling hard goods on-line such as a phone, computer or shoes

o Electronic goods such as e-books, mp3 music, software, graphics or pictures

o selling ideas or services

To sell the goods the merchant has to have a website or a virtual store on the internet for him to sell the goods on line. A prospective customer finds that site, buys goods on it, pays owner using a credit card or via other mode. Merchant receives payment and deliver the goods and supports the customer. Practically, that's e-commerce in its simplest sense.

In between those e-commerce transaction a lot technology are involve to complete the sale. For instance, the merchant has to design and build a website developed using a complex programming language called HTML. Merchant has to register a domain name to identity his business on the internet. All information and products from his on-line store or business are encoded and stored on the merchant's computer server or hosted by a third-party web hosting company. In order for the customer to find the merchant's site, he needs a computer that is in turn connected to a system popularly known as the internet, for him to be able to visit the merchant's site.

The Personal Computer in relation to E-Commerce

A PC or Personal Computer is a computing device or tool built around a microprocessor. It has lots of different parts -- memory, a hard disk, a modem, etc...That work together. It is also called general purpose equipment. General purpose means that you can do many different things with a computer. You can use it to type documents, send e-mail, browse the Web and play games.

On each own, the computer can be used to expedite the processing and storing of information such as word processing. It can also be made to transmit and receive information from other computers. These computers can talk and exchange information from each other thru a common computer language or protocol. The PC is the most valuable and core-technology needed to drive E-Commerce and Internet Business.

Computer Network in relation to E-Commerce

Two or several computers can be physically linked and made to communicate with other computers with in a local network (LAN). The term use to describe this interconnection is called networking. Networking of computers can be made using either a wired (cable) or wireless (radio) type of connection. Usually, networking or the linking of computers is subject to the range or distance limitation because the signal and quality of communication will degrade as distance increases. Computer Networking is applied for most on-line internet business for an efficient and productive E-Commerce business.

The Internet in relation to E-Commerce

The internet is a system that connects computer networks. The system of internet enables the interconnection of computers all over the world. It allows your computer to get stored information from other computers far away.

The protocol (TCP/IP) or language when computer communicate in a network is similar to the one used on the internet. That is why computers around the world understand each other despite different maker and place of manufacture.

Lots of computers all over the world are stored with lots and lots of information. The internet system hooked them together. If you have access to the Internet, you can read, hear and view all this information from your own computer. The Internet is all the reason behind the existence of E-Commerce and without internet connectivity virtual on-line business will totally cease to exist.

Telecommunication in relation to E-Commerce

A different type of technology is needed to transmit information from one computer to another over long distances. Telecommunication companies come into the picture to service the requirement of connecting one computer network to another computer network using different kinds of transmission technology.

Telecommunication is a broad term as it also covers not only data communication such as the internet but includes voice telephony as well.

Telecommunication companies are driving internet businesses to achieve internet connectivity. Without them one could never put their business on-line as only telecom companies are able to link networks over very vast geographical distances.

Connectivity in relation to E-Commerce

Connectivity is a broader term than networking. Networking refers to the physical (wired) or virtual (wireless) connection between computers. Connectivity refers to the state of being connected. For instance, a computer can be sync to a phone, music player and other devices. Internet access or the state of being connected to the internet information super-highway is a classic example of connectivity.

Internet Connectivity is important both in urban and rural-remote regions of the world.

Some regions are suffering from lack of telecommunication infrastructure thus internet access service is very limited. In order to achieve internet connectivity, remote villages either use satellite link, wireless radio systems and long-range phone extenders. Some communities have established telecentres which serve as a communication hub and outside link to the rest of the world. All forms of connectivity including internet connectivity are helping push the envelope of internet business as a whole.

So you've read about e-commerce overview and its supporting technologies. Try to imagine and picture out how e-commerce is being practice and how important are those technologies to making it possible.

The author , Allan Amps is a telecom sales & marketing employee with passion and interest for rural, remote internet connectivity solutions, wireless gadgets and internet home-based business.

He recently established a website - and [] with the aim of generating income out of his interest and passion. The goal is to reach those people yearning to start their own home-based business by providing valuable tips, guides and info of the best available solutions and programs that one can go into.

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