Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Considerations for Gaming Laptop Computers

Laptop computers are gaining an ever-increasing share of the computer market. For gamers, their portability and light weight has often been offset by lower processing power and poorer screen graphics than most desktop machines. Times change, however, and the newest generations of laptop computers offer plenty for dedicated gamers. If you're purchasing a new laptop for your gaming-addict son, these are the things you should consider to make sure that you're getting a machine he'll actually use.

Processing Power and RAM

Most computer games are graphics intensive, which means that processing power and RAM are huge considerations. Look for a laptop that has a high-speed processor and the max amount of RAM in your price range. You'll want to aim for at least 4GB of RAM and a dual core processor so that the computer responds quickly to input and redraws the screen without stalling or stuttering. This is the one thing that will affect game play more than anything else-a slow machine will get you killed in most games, so really, it's a matter of life and death.

Video Card

Equally important to the gaming experience is the video card. Most laptop computers have an onboard video processor, but that's just not good enough when your party's life depends on you being able to see who's injured and how badly. You'll want a name here like nVidia's GeForce Go or ATI's Radeon Mobility, which pack some power for laptops. Most off-the-shelf HP laptops or Dell laptops can be upgraded with a decent video card that will make your gamer a happy camper. If you want to save money on the front end, though, you can skimp a little on the video card and promise him an external video card upgrade down the line.

Screen Size

Size really does matter when it comes to gaming, and so does resolution. In most cases, laptop computers will want the biggest screen you can afford with decent screen resolution to make the picture sharp, crisp and realistic.

Input Devices

The laptop keyboard and mouse are also important because they're the way that the player controls what's happening on screen. A full-size keyboard is ideal for gaming so you can get as close to full-size as you can. Touchpad sensitivity isn't something you can judge well because the feel of a laptop touchpad is a personal thing. You can make up for it by making sure that the machine has USB ports to connect up external keyboard and mouse for a better gaming experience with computer laptops.

Battery Power

Graphics and gaming apps draw a LOT of power, so they'll drain your batteries fast. If you're gamer kid is going to be mobile, pick from laptop computers with 9-cell batteries for the best battery life. Otherwise, his batteries are likely to fail just as he's about to win an epic battle, and that won't make anyone happy.

Choosing the right gaming laptop computers is no different than choosing any other computer for your use. Consider features that are most important and decide what you're willing to trade off to get the best computer you can afford. Shop around online to find the best prices on laptop computers, including the latest HP laptop computers and Apple laptop computers. If you shop carefully, you may find that you can get a lot more processing power for your money than you expected.

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